• Guardian 2.0 Radar and infrared sensor for automatic door
  • FALCON Automatic Door Microwave Radar Motion Sensor
  • VISION Microwave radar sensor for automatic Sliding door
  • Swing Gate Control Board
  • Guardian 1.0 Active infrared sensor for automatic door
  • Control Board For Sliding Gate Opener Hardware Circuit Universal
  • Universal Tubular Motor Control Unit for Roller door
  • Automatic Controllers for Commercial Doors and Roller Shutters
  • Multi-functional Wireless Security Remote Control Kit for Automatic Glass Door
  • Wireless Push Button
  • PS1 Microwave radar sensor for automatic Sliding door
  • Falcon-E Microwave Escalator Motion Sensor Escalator speed sensor
  • 2DRA-010 Automatic Garage Door Opener Rolling Gate Controller
  • Rolling Gate Controller Industrial Door DC Motor Rolling Gate Control Board Auto Gate Motor System
  • 2DRA-011 Automatic Electric Roller Shutter Door Motor Rolling Gate Controller For Rolling Gate Opener
  • 2DRA-017 AC Automatic Rolling Gate RF Module Received Control Board for Gate Opener
  • Industrial Sectional Rolling Gate Control Board with AC230V-240V PCB Circuit Boards
  • Criss-cross beams safety light curtain for High-speed and sectional doors
  • Control panel swing gate motor control board for Automatic gate
  • 2DPD-012 AC220-230V Customized Automatic Swing Gate Opener Controller Control Board
  • 2DPD-013 Swing Gate Controller Main Entrance swing dual gate opener control circuit board
  • 2DTA-003 Sliding Gate Controller AC electronical panel control board for sliding gate opener
  • 2DTA-006 Automatic Gate Opener Main Control Board AC Sliding Gate Motor Bluetooth Controller Board
  • 2DTD-0005 DC24V Universal automatic sliding gate opener Automatic sliding gate control board
  • OEM/ODM Accepted Innovative Auto Sliding Glass Door Controller Solution
  • QN-530 Automatic Sliding Door System Opener for Commercial


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