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How to maintain automatic doors

Edor | 2021/01/27

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more automatic doors are used in public places, so you can see the importance in daily life. Today, QINUO ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. Which is a professional manufacturer of sensors for automatic doors will introduce the maintenance knowledge of automatic doors.


In the important position of the construction, even if there is a high performance automatic door in the automatic door, if in daily use, the function of the program, the performance can not be used, and the fault is plagued. This includes the failure of a component will affect the overall effect of using the automatic door Appear as a whole. It must be fully maintained and has been approved to maintain normal operations.


In the working frequency of Dongmen automatic doors, the effect of use is different according to the setting of different positions, and the flow of people in different areas is different. This requires the use of machinery and equipment to be effective, so it must be the same for automatic doors. Pay attention to the consumption of the regular inspection class as mechanical power equipment to increase the service life.


Take the minimum failure automatic door as a whole, automatic door consistency or even a small failure will affect the overall use of the automatic door. Check frequently and find minor faults and repair them immediately instead of becoming a minor fault and major failure.


Preventive maintenance of automatic doors In order to use automatic doors to minimize some failures, in order to maintain a good business environment and ensure safe operation, timely maintenance must be planned. This is the most important point to extend the service life of automatic doors.

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