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What's the best sensors are used in automatic doors?

Edor | 2020/09/07

What's the best sensors are used in automatic doors?

Qinuo Electronics Co.,Ltd, which is a professional automatic door sensor suppliers of sensors for automatic doors and gates. We are cooperating with some well known companies in the world and OEM automatic door sensors manufacturers. So please don’t worry about our quality.

For now, here are the three types of automatic door sensors for reference:

*Sensor with micro wave
*Sensor with infrared
*Sensor with micro wave and infrared

For European market, Guardian automatic door sensors is one of our most hot products, with good quality and
competitive prices.

Product details as below:
* Mouting height: 1.8m to 3 m
* Detection mode: Motion (speed detection is 5cm/s), presence (response time: <256s)
* With anti-pinch (active infared)
* With high stability & sensitivity
* Temperature range: -25 ℃-60 ℃
* Degree of protection: IP54
* Two colors for optional
* EN 16005 proved

Guardian 2.0 is a microwave and infrared dual tech automatic door sensors for all kinds of automatic doors, such as sliding doors, swinging doors and revolving doors.

As a professional automatic door sensor suppliers,We have two options for users, unidirectional and bidirectional detection.

For the rada technology with unidirectional detection, it detects approching movements, when people are moving forwards to the door, it’ll open and if the people pass by or go opposite,the door won’t open. With this funtion, it is able to decrease consumption and reduce the cost.

And the Infrared technology is for the users’ protection, it’s for anti pich. When people especially when babies or small animals are under the door, it won’t close. This can protect their safety.

Automatic door sensors sample can be senst out for testing if needed.



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