Edor | 2020/10/19

Since 2009, the company is committed in making and developing products involved in garage door, automatic door, auto parts etc. After 10 years later, QINUO’s business is spreading all over the world, got partners from USA, Italy, German, Turkey, Japan, England, France, Singapore Malaysia etc. And also it has a long-term relationship with the customers. QINUO provides a full solution and service for their customers, OEM&ODM is the main subject.

Export country

Products included garage door remote, control board for gate, door sensor for automatic door, Laser safety sensor for barrier and automatic gates, receive kit, various car keys etc.

For garage door, QINUO got products like remote control, control board, receiver kit etc. For all kinds of door brand from every countries. Tech included rolling code, fixed code, and multicode, with fixed frequency, and multifrequency. The brand for QINUO is UCONTROL, for making the life more easier. They will update and post new items every month. That is why the customer would like to work with them. Because the market always need new item to motivate the consumption. It is a win-win game for both of supplier and customers.

For automation, now smart home system is everywhere. Therefore QINUO is adding smart sensor into their product catalogue 4 years ago. Microwave sensor, infrared sensor, microwave&infrared dual tech sensor are in the new list now for controlling automatic door and other applications. Also this year they have new product for barrier gate ad automatic outside door. Double protection for person body, also got the certificate for European and American countries.

With the support of R&D team, QINUO has the ability to process the project order, that is actually helpful for the brand company and professional distributor. Which could help QINUO to be one of the best options for the potential customers. Sensory products will be more and more popular for the future, because it makes life more easier and comfortable but of course under the protection of technology. Did you also use any of them for your house?? please make the comments and talk to us if you got any idea, thanks,



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