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Where is suitable for installing automatic doors?

Edor | 2021/02/03

Nowadays, automatic doors are more and more widely used. In many places, automatic glass doors can be used as facade decoration, which shows high-end atmosphere and high-end grade. So where is suitable for decorating automatic doors? According to company experience, it is more appropriate to use automatic doors in the following places.

1. Hotel

The facade of the hotel needs to be a little high-end, so if the funds are sufficient, it is better to choose the automatic revolving door, and the automatic sliding door is also acceptable. But it must be noted that the stainless steel or aluminum profile of the frame must be compatible with the overall style of the hotel.

2. Office building

Abandon the unsightly facades of general wood or other textures, choose transparent glass doors, do not need to open and close the door frequently, and the sealing is excellent, automatic doors can be described as the best choice.

3. Shops

Nowadays, more and more shops choose automatic doors, because there are a lot of customers coming in and out of shops. It is hot in summer and cold in winter. If you choose automatic doors to keep the temperature constant, why not do it?

4. Banks

Almost all bank doors or cash machines use automatic doors, of course, the same reason as the above choice.

5. Supermarkets

In order to create an effect that all displays of the store can be seen from the outside, most supermarkets also use automatic doors.

In addition to the above, there are many occasions where automatic doors can be used for facade decoration. In summary, the reasons for their choice are nothing more than the four advantages of automatic doors : 1.) Good sealing 2. )Energy saving and environmental protection 3. )Easy access 4. )Beautiful and generous



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