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Automatic doors are often found in medical centers of all kinds

Edor | 2022/06/20

Automatic Doors for Healthcare

The healthcare industry needs to take broader and sometimes extraordinary measures when it comes to visiting visitors. This is one of the industries where the likelihood of interacting with people with reduced mobility is much higher due to its focus on medical issues. This is one of the reasons why automatic door standards and disabled door installations (such as hospital automatic doors) are not only a convenience, but also a critical infrastructure for healthcare facilities.

In addition to the main entrance of a hospital, they also appear in eye and dental clinics, or where cosmetic surgery is performed.

One of the areas dedicated to people's health is physical therapy, osteopathy and traumatology clinics. These specialties treat diseases and pathologies related to muscles and bones. When we have a lower extremity injury or fracture, be it knee, hip, foot or otherwise, automatic doors are a great help when arriving for a visit.

Often, patients move around on crutches or in a wheelchair and wear a bandage or cast. If he finds a smart passage at the entrance of a building, the presence or movement sensors will activate the glass blades and the person will not have to use his hands, which would happen if the building had manual doors.

One of the most important moments of visiting a medical center is the first impression. For a healthcare-focused facility, the door to the facility is critical to impressing and helping guests. Your reputation as a caring healthcare facility suffers as soon as people discover that your building is not easily accessible to disabled tourists or people with reduced mobility or health issues.

Doors that anyone can easily enter conveys the message that building owners and operators care about service. Automatic doors also allow your employees to stay at their posts instead of stopping their duties to help people when they try to enter the building.

The Type of Door That Fits Your Healthcare Needs

Healthcare facilities may host visitors with temporary or permanent mobility impairments. People using canes, walkers and wheelchairs have difficulty using standard manual doors. That's why it's important to make sure you have a proper entry system, such as various types of automatic barrier doors.

Automatic swing door

This door is one of the most common types and opens in the manner of a traditional door, but does not require a push or pull. Automatic swing doors can be opened when a motion sensor is triggered or someone presses an access button.

Automatic sliding door

Automatic sliding doors are also common -- and in some cases more popular -- because they don't swing, which allows for easier entry. Like swing doors, it can be linked to motion sensors when someone approaches, or may require pressing a large, simple access button or trigger to activate.



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