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Proximity sensors in residential gateways

Edor | 2022/06/27

Technology is changing rapidly to improve people's lives. Engineers, designers and professionals from QINUO are working in the research, development and innovation sectors in search of the best results.

One of the places where we spend most of our lives is our home. Home is where we rest, spend our free time, and spend time with family and friends. In our homes, we also want to actively implement technology.

This situation is well known to architects, builders and real estate developers. In many new residential projects, automatic doors have rightfully been integrated as a necessary and beneficial element for residents. Automatic doors at building entrances or external pedestrian access to a property or development add value to a residential area in terms of safety, design and advanced technology.

These smart visits are activated thanks to hybrid motion and presence or safety sensors. This means that if neighbors want to enter or leave the building, they don't have to use their hands or a classic metal key to open or close the door.



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