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How does the Guardian 2.0 Radar and infrared sensor system work for automatic doors?

Edor | 2023/05/26

Automatic doors have become an integral part of many public and commercial spaces, offering convenience, accessibility, and improved traffic flow. To enhance the safety and efficiency of these doors, advanced sensor systems are utilized. One such system is the Guardian 2.0 Radar and infrared sensor system. In this article, we will delve into how the Guardian 2.0 system operates, highlighting its key features and benefits for automatic doors.

Infrared Door Sensor

Understanding the Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor System: The Guardian 2.0 system combines radar technology with infrared sensors to provide comprehensive coverage and precise detection capabilities for automatic doors. It consists of two main components: the radar sensor and the infrared sensor.

1. Radar Sensor:

The radar sensor utilizes radio waves to detect motion in the surrounding area. It emits low-power radio frequency signals that bounce off objects and return to the sensor. By analyzing the reflected signals, the radar sensor can accurately detect the presence and movement of individuals, vehicles, or objects approaching the door. This allows for early detection and quick response to ensure smooth and safe door operation.

2. Infrared Sensor:

The infrared sensor, on the other hand, employs infrared technology to detect heat signatures emitted by objects. It can accurately identify the presence of humans or other warm-bodied entities in the sensor's field of view. The infrared sensor is particularly effective in low-light or nighttime conditions when visibility is reduced.

Working in Harmony:

The Guardian 2.0 system seamlessly integrates the radar and infrared sensors to provide comprehensive coverage and accurate detection. The combination of these sensors ensures reliable detection in various environmental conditions, such as different lighting levels, temperature variations, or adverse weather conditions.

When an individual or object is detected by either the radar or infrared sensor, the system activates the automatic door's opening mechanism. The door opens smoothly and promptly, allowing safe passage for users. The system continuously monitors the area to ensure ongoing safety and prevents the door from closing while an individual is still within the door's vicinity.

Benefits of the Guardian 2.0 System:

1. Enhanced Safety: The Guardian 2.0 system provides reliable detection, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents. It ensures that the door remains open as long as someone is approaching or passing through, preventing injuries caused by premature door closure.

2. Improved Accessibility: By swiftly detecting approaching individuals, the Guardian 2.0 system enhances accessibility for people with mobility challenges, ensuring they can comfortably and safely access the premises.

3. Optimal Traffic Flow: The system's accurate detection capabilities facilitate smooth and efficient traffic flow, minimizing congestion and delays near the automatic door.

4. Adaptability: The Guardian 2.0 system can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of different environments. Sensitivity settings can be customized to account for various factors, such as door location, traffic patterns, and environmental conditions.


The Guardian 2.0 Radar and infrared sensor system offers advanced detection capabilities for automatic doors, ensuring safety, accessibility, and efficient traffic flow. By combining radar and infrared technology, the system provides reliable and precise detection of approaching individuals or objects. With its seamless integration and customizable settings, the Guardian 2.0 system represents a significant advancement in automatic door sensor technology, enhancing the overall user experience and safety in a wide range of public and commercial spaces.



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