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What are the key features and benefits of the Guardian 2.0 Radar and infrared sensor for automatic doors?

Edor | 2023/05/27

Automatic doors have revolutionized the way we enter and exit buildings, offering convenience, accessibility, and enhanced safety. Central to the functionality of these doors are advanced sensor systems that detect motion and ensure seamless operation. One such system is the Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor, renowned for its precision and reliability. In this article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor, shedding light on its capabilities and the advantages it brings to automatic door installations.

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1. Dual Sensor Technology:

The Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor utilize a dual sensor technology that combines radar and infrared technologies to provide comprehensive coverage and precise detection. The radar sensor uses radio waves to detect motion, while the infrared sensor uses heat detection to identify the presence of individuals or objects near the door. This dual technology ensures accurate and reliable detection, minimizing false activations and optimizing door performance.

2. Adjustable Detection Range:

One notable feature of the Guardian 2.0 sensor is its adjustable detection range. The sensor allows for customization of the detection area, enabling it to be tailored to specific door configurations and environmental conditions. Installers can adjust the range according to the door width, desired detection distance, and specific requirements of the building, ensuring optimal performance and avoiding unnecessary door activations.

3. Intelligent Activation:

The Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor are equipped with intelligent activation capabilities. The sensor system detects the presence of individuals or objects in the detection zone and triggers the automatic door's opening and closing sequence accordingly. This intelligent activation not only enhances user experience by providing a hands-free and seamless entry but also improves energy efficiency by minimizing the time the door remains open when not in use.

4. Safety and Security:

Safety and security are paramount in any automatic door system. The Guardian 2.0 sensor prioritizes both aspects with its advanced features. The dual sensor technology ensures reliable detection of individuals or objects, minimizing the risk of accidents and collisions. Additionally, the sensor system can detect the direction of movement, allowing for intelligent door operation, such as preventing the door from closing if someone is still in the doorway. This feature enhances safety and prevents entrapment.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability:

The Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor offer flexibility and adaptability for various door configurations and applications. They can be installed in a wide range of automatic door systems, including sliding doors, swing doors, and revolving doors. The sensor's adjustable settings and customization options accommodate different building layouts, traffic patterns, and user preferences. This versatility makes the Guardian 2.0 sensor suitable for a wide range of environments, including commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, retail establishments, and more.

6. Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Installing and maintaining the Guardian 2.0 sensor is hassle-free. The sensor system is designed for easy integration into existing automatic door systems, and its user-friendly interface simplifies the configuration and adjustment processes. Regular maintenance is straightforward, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient operation of the automatic doors.


The Guardian 2.0 Radar and Infrared Sensor for automatic doors offer a range of advanced features and benefits. With its dual sensor technology, adjustable detection range, intelligent activation, safety and security features, flexibility, and easy installation, it is a reliable and efficient choice for enhancing the performance of automatic door systems. Whether in commercial settings, healthcare facilities, or public spaces, the Guardian 2.0 sensor ensures smooth operation, increased accessibility, and an improved user experience for all.



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